AT Translate service

AveoTrade Translation Tool was created to help webmasters translate their websites and magento plugin developers to focus on the development and let the translation job to do by professionals. The service is growing, and now supports the internet eshop system Magento to be fully integrated, so that the eshop owners may sell their products to other countries localised by their needs.

End users may help with translation also by suggesting new translations in public projects. For example Magento 2 is fully translated to Slovak language, and German language, and users may suggest improvement of translation if they use the search tool at the specific project.

AT Translate is integrated to Magento 2
  • Use our FREE extension to export your products and translate them freely
  • If you want help with robotic translation using google or azure services, there is small fee associated with it. You can get your eshop products translated in less then 5 minutes using automated tools or order professional translation service.

  • Try it yourself:

    Setup composer
    composer config repositories.atconnect composer
    composer require atconnect/magento2-lang-exporter:*
    export phrases for translation,
    php bin/magento i18n:export-for-translators [YOUR_EMAIL] [YOUR_PROJECT] [DEFAULT_LANG]
    php bin/magento i18n:fetch-google-translations [YOUR_EMAIL] [YOUR_PROJECT] [TO_LANG]
    php bin/magento i18n:fetch-azure-translations [YOUR_EMAIL] [YOUR_PROJECT] [TO_LANG]
    import translations to magento:
    php bin/magento i18n:import-translations [YOUR_EMAIL] [YOUR_PROJECT] [FOR_LANG] [DEFAULT_SERVICE]
    and sell your products or services to new customers. See detailed manual for commands.